Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Surface Supplied Air Tender - Diver - Operator Training -- Technical Diving International (TDI) Specialty Courses

Surface Supplied Air Tender - Diver and Operator Training - Technical Diving International (TDI) Specialty Courses in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Dates: June 30 through and including July 4, 2008.

Course Outline:

Course Overview
Course Objective
Course Prerequisites
Equipment Needed
Required Training Dives
Course Content
Air Diving
Operation of the Console
Minimum Course Hours
Class Room
Open Water Dives/Exercises/Scenarios
Dive Debriefing
TDI Log Books filled out and signed by the instructor

This course is five long days. We are starting at noon on Monday. We will get the paperwork concluded, then we go through the materials and the hands-on session using the Superlite 27's, or AGA's if you have/use them, then to the confined water.

Then Tuesday we head to the "nice water" and each diver makes two separate dives, then tends and then uses the console. This is on a rotating basis. If you have non-divers we take them though everything except the confined water and in water activities. I do have them try on the helmets to get the idea of what their divers go through.

Then on Wednesday we go to the "yukky water" and each diver makes two separate dives, then tends and then operates the console.

Depending on equipment and numbers of students, we usually get done late afternoon on Wednesday, in time to travel.

This course will continue all day Thursday and Friday with more dives at two different locations.

Costs are for the text, materials, certification fees, Klamath County Sheriff Dive rescue team donation per student structured into the costs, and instructor fees. I do have group rates depending on the number of students.

The course is to be held in Klamath Falls, as that is where the equipment is located.

Please email omnidive@gmail.com if you are interested or want additional information on costs and specific times associated with the training.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Guardian is a Completely New Mask

The Guardian is a completely new mask. While, from a distance, it looks similar to a Divator MKII, it is certainly a different mask. We didn’t design it with intentions of compatibility of parts. While you can see some influences of the Divator and a few other masks, we pretty much designed this from the ground up as a diving mask. It’s constructed of a silicone skirt and the vast majority of parts are constructed of Nylon 66. This is a glass filled nylon that is extremely strong and durable. The visor is one of the thickest on the market. The buckles are attached to tabs that will prevent tearing of the skirts if the mask is improperly donned (pulling out to the sides) and are made of the same glass filled nylon.

The second stage is a balanced downstream design. There are no external adjustments to the regulator. It’s attached to the mask with a quick release, so the regulator will stay on the hose and the mask can be stored separate from the reg. This allows for ease of use and rapid breakdown and cleaning of equipment. The regulator is released from the mask with a button on the inside of the mask preventing any inadvertent release underwater. It snaps in quickly and securely. The second stage uses standard threads, although it comes with a hose, you will be able to use any standard scuba hose. The regulator is a demand style regulator. It is significantly different, the complete assembly, not just the regulator, that it will require a different class and certification for service technicians.

The communications will be different, to adapt the MKII communications assemblies would be a difficult task. The comm. port is on the right side of the mask and is independent of the regulator, you no longer have to remove the comms to remove the regulator. In designing the mask we decided to look forward with the technology. I know this may seem to be an additional expense to have to purchase new communications equipment, but we didn’t feel that staying with the old configuration was going to be an advancement in the configuration. We also don’t think that many divers will be stripping their AGA masks of their communications, taking them out of service and installing the comms on our mask. We are also going to have a new Buddy Phone introduced soon with two channels, adjustable volumes, battery power and continuous transmit option. The ear/mic assembly is also going through a redesign as well for the Guardian.

With the mask, you’ll get a standard hose, integrated ABV and our mask bag. Speaking of which, have you seen our new mask bag?


Sorry, shameless plug, but they turned out nice. They’ve been out for about a year now. The ABV has been redesigned, it now has an integrated valve seat, uses a new mushroom valve and is keyed into the mask to prevent any possibility of over rotation. It’s no longer an option, it will come standard with the Guardian.

We’re hoping to have the mask ready for delivery soon.

We ask for those of you that have masks on order to be patient. We see this as having one chance to get it right and we’re are striving to do just that. I can tell you, it’s looking good! I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.

Hopefully this answered most of the questions, let me know if you have more.

John P. Hott
Training Director
Military/Public Safety Representative
Ocean Technology Systems
3133 West Harvard Street
Santa Ana, CA 92704
Toll free: 800-550-1984 Ext: 112
Fax: 714-966-1639
E-mail: jhott@oceantechnologysystems.com

Please email omnidive@gmail.com if you are interested or want additional information.