Sunday, October 29, 2006

Surface Supplied Diver and Instructor Courses - 2006 - 2007

Courses to be offered Winter 2006 - 2007

This winter the Klamath County (Oregon) Sheriff Dive Rescue team will host a series of surface supplied diver and instructor courses.

The courses include:

surface supplied tender
surface supplied air diver
surface supplied nitrox diver
surface supplied operator (advanced)

In addition, companion Instructor courses are also being held.

surface supplied tender instructor
surface supplied air diver instructor
surface supplied nitrox diver instructor
surface supplied operator (advanced) instructor

Please email if you are interested or want additional information on costs and specific times associated with the training.

Link at

Your Host is the Klamath County Sheriff Dive Rescue team
Certification through Technical Diving International (TDI)

Link at

Surface Supplied Tender
Surface Supplied Air Diver
Surface Supplied Nitrox Diver
Surface Supplied Air Operator

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Kirby Morgan - Technician Training - December 9 - 10, 2007

The weekend of December 9-10, 2007, is the two full day Kirby Morgan regulator servicing and technician course. John Ritter is putting together a special class for us in order to allow us to be certified on as many of the KM line as possible. In other words between us we have the following equipment available and we will be certified on all of it. A bit of a push in two days but seems the best solution really.

SuperLite - 27
Bail-Out Block
Dive Control System (DCS) - I
Dive Control System - II

The DCS is largely a lot of plumbing, but it's important to understand how to disassemble and check out the fittings. The pneumofathometer and pressure gages must be sent out to a different certified agency for calibration (specialized equipment) - but we will have the skills to remove and re-fit the gages.

If anyone has trouble with close up detail work (eyes) then you should obtain some close up glasses prior to the class - I found this helps when I was in the Interspiro/AGA class last year. The off the shelf ones should work fine.

This is part lecture, but mostly hands-on factory certified technician course. The main purpose is to train technicians to work on this equipment.

Class starts at 08:30 Saturday morning and runs all day. Same for Sunday. I don't know exactly what time the class ends on Sunday, but I understand its most of the day (but I don't think it runs late).

SeaTac Airport is a good 45 minutes from downtown Seattle and that is on a "good" traffic day.

We just need to know arrival/departure data so that we can arrange to pick you up. I am driving the truck so plenty of room for lots of equipment and up to 5 people.

David Parsons
Clark County (WA) Dive Rescue Team

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

DAN Trip Insurance Incentive Program for 2006 - 2007

October 23, 2007,

Dear Conrad and Phil,

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the DAN Trip Insurance Incentive Program (DANTIIP) for your Klamath Falls location. I have placed an order for you to receive 50 brochures in the mail shortly. Place your custom link on your website:

Please remember that:

You will only receive incentive amounts on policies sold through your custom link. You must be active DAN Business Member in US, Canada, Guam or Puerto Rico.

The best part of the program is that we have made it easy for you to participate… no forms or applications to mail or money to collect and track. Everything is done online using our secure website through a custom link we provide you. By using this link from your website to ours, your business is automatically listed as the source of the trip insurance customer.

We encourage you to use our free online educational seminar to learn more about the DANTIIP benefits so that you can become even better at earning the cash incentives. Check it out here:

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments any time throughout this process. You input is valuable to the success of this program.



Samara Merrill / Business Memberships
Divers Alert Network
6 W. Colony Place
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: 919-684-2948 ext. 224
Fax: 919-490-6630

Sunday, October 22, 2006

DAN Business Membership Program for 2006

DAN Divers Alert Network - Scuba Diving and Dive Safety Association

Dear Conrad and Phil,

First off let me say welcome to your new location to our DAN Business Membership Program for 2006 in Klamath Falls, Oregon. We will send your Welcome Packet that includes the DAN flag, the 2 free membership coupons, more DAN Brochures, and lots of other handy materials that you should be receiving in the mail shortly. Your new Business Membership Dependent (aka: BIZZ D) location ID number is 1836477.

To make sure you understand some of the most important benefits to your membership, I’ve highlighted them below:

1. FREE DAN Membership

- This seems to be one of our most popular benefits of DAN Business Members, you receive two free individual membership coupons ($58 value). Which you may use these yourself, or give them away. I know some dive centers give them to their instructors, while others use them in raffles. Membership is also a prerequisite for purchasing DAN dive accident insurance.

2. Web Listing-Exposure to New Customers via DAN's 200,000-plus Members

- Your business will receive a listing in the Dive Business Directory on the DAN website. Included can be a hotlink to your website, bring more traffic to your website (or if you don't have one this can create a presence for you on the internet for new customers searching for dive business in your area.

3. Rewards

- Because you're on the frontline in the diving community we're asking for your help to promote DAN to your staff, students and customers. Letting them know about the different services we provide: 24-hour diving emergency hotline, medical information line, dive medical research. These are supported in part by the DAN Membership (listed above). As a DAN business member you will be rewarded for your efforts. When you refer people who have never been DAN Members before, you will receive points. How many points will you earn?

1 point for every new DAN Membership,
1 point for new Standard or Master Plans,
2 points for new preferred plans, and
1 point for every 10 Student Members. (The Student Member program is FREE to you!)

So what can you get with points? The new Rewards Program allows you to redeem your points to buy every product DAN sells. You can also use your points to pay for your next Business Membership renewal. You will have two years to accrue points before they expire. Points can be redeemed any time of the year.

Here is the custom link that goes to a DAN Membership Application. When your customers use this link, that you put on your website, your Business Membership Number is automatically entered. This is a great way to assure you received points for new members using electronic applications.

1) Place a link on your website:

2) Visitors click from your site to DAN's New Membership Application.

3) If they join, you earn valuable points! Points are awarded for new memberships only.

· You can download a DAN logo to use with your link if you don't already have one.

· Here are some examples of how other Business Members have used it.

4. Best Pricing

-You will receive the best pricing on DAN products. You can take advantage of Quantity Pricing on products and training materials. You'll also be able to then increase your revenues by selling DAN products. The price list and product fliers will inform you of your special Business Member discounts. Our retail products have great retail margins when ordering in quantity. You will notice a great discount on student workbooks.

- If you wish to place purchase orders or be invoiced, please fill out and return the credit application that you will see in the benefits packet that will arrive soon.

5. Recognition Material

-As a business member you will also receive a certificate and window decals that you can display to show your customers that you support diving safety. You will also get a DAN Dive Flag or the DAN Medical FAQ Book, Subscription to Alert Diver, On Board and HighViz Newsletters and 25 DAN rental tank stickers. Your Business Membership number is printed on your statement and certificate. Be sure to write or stamp this number on all your brochures. This is how you collect points for free DAN products like the O2 kits.

6. Diver Identification System

- With DAN’s Diver Identification System (DIDS), Dive Masters will always know how many divers have returned safely from their dive and how many are still enjoying the dive. Check out the flyer you’ll find in your packet and fax it to me to receive your free DIDS board (free shipping in the continental 48 States).

7. Dedicated Toll-Free Hotline

- Do you have a question about our programs or need help placing an order? Call our dedicated toll-free number at 1-877-532-6776 and speak to one of our Business Membership Representatives today.

8. Dedicated E-mail Address

- As a Business Member, you can send your questions and comments directly to:

9. Trip Insurance Custom Link

- You will only receive incentive amounts on policies sold through the custom link.

- You will also be sent trip insurance brochures to hand out to your travelers and divers.

- The is a cash incentive.

- You must be a legal US, Canadian, Guam , or Puerto Rican citizen to purchase trip insurance.

10. Want to learn more about DAN and know how to have DAN help you improve your business?

- DAN now has four brief web-based education seminars that talk about DAN Membership, DAN Business Membership, Student Membership and the Trip Insurance Incentive Program. Each of these programs includes vital information for business owners and dive instructors. They show you ways that affiliating with DAN can make you more successful.

- Leading a trip? Take advantage of the Trip Insurance Incentive Program for Business Members. Want to sell DAN products? Business Membership can show you how to get quantity discounts. Teaching open water students? Use the Student Membership program to protect them and earn points. Even the DAN Membership overview gives you additional details on DAN Membership that you probably didn’t know. This can help when you are promoting DAN Membership and insurance to your divers and is another great way to earn points.

-Take advantage of each the following programs. They are short and free. And may even help your bottom line. Click here to see any of the 4 seminars:

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything else I can do to help.


Samara Merrill / Business Memberships
Divers Alert Network
6 W. Colony Place
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: 919-684-2948 ext. 224
Fax: 919-490-6630

DAN Divers Alert Network - Scuba Diving and Dive Safety Association

Friday, October 20, 2006

ERDI Ice Diving Operations - Klamath Falls Oregon - January 2007

An Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) Ice Diving Operations class will be held in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Members of the Josephine County (OR) Search & Rescue Dive Team are planning on participating in the class. The class is to be held on the weekend (January 27 and 28, 2007). Class (introduction and preparation) will start at 6 pm in Klamath Falls, January 26, 2007 at the Dive Rescue Station in Klamath Falls. Training dives will be initiated on Saturday and completed on Sunday.

In addition to the Klamath County (OR) Sheriff Dive Rescue team which is hosting the event, public safety dive team members from Clark County (WA) Dive Rescue Team are participating during the exercises, starting Friday evening and concluding Sunday evening.

The exercises and training are open to any public safety diving team. In addition to the Ice Operations class an Ice Tending class is also being offered through ERDI.

2007 Ice Diving - Lake of the Woods, Klamath County, Oregon

An Ice Diving class will be held in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Introduction and dive briefing will be held Friday, January 26, 2006 at 6 pm. The diving portion of the class will be held on the weekend (January 27 and 28, 2006). Class preparation will start at 9 am in Klamath Falls. We will complete all the diving on Saturday and Sunday.

Link at

2006 DAN On-Line Auction starts November 1, 2006

DAN Development
2006 DAN Online Auction

Divers Alert Network is pleased to announce The 2006 DAN Online Auction to be held November 1 thru December 1, 2006. DAN will present this fifth annual online auction to benefit dive safety in a unique partnership with members of the dive business community.

You are invited to join this venture to support safe diving. ALL DOLLARS raised from highest bids will be used to support DAN outreach and support programs. These include:

The DAN Endowment
DAN Research Internship Program
Project Dive Exploration
Diver IDentification System


All items for auction are provided by DAN partners:

dive stores
industry manufacturers
tour operators
and others


Bidders bid online at
Bidders are DAN members and non-members
Bidding starts on November 1, 2006 at Noon EST
Bidding closes December 1, 2006 at Noon EST
Auction Partners are notified by December 8 of highest bidder identity

All winning bid funds are transferred to support the programs listed as noted:

1/3: Project Dive Exploration & Research Internship Program
1/3: Research & Diver IDentifiction Program
1/3: The DAN Endowment


Snorkels, Fins, Masks
Wet Suit, Dry Suits
Booties, Hoods, Gloves
Other Accessories

*DO NOT send items to DAN!
We want to put you or your distributor in direct contact with the diver! DAN reserves the right to decline to accept items offered for auction at its discretion.



Auction online site on Divers Alert Network website
Promotion of auction to all DAN members via mail, fax, email and/or online, as well as in articles and advertisements
Link from 2006 DAN Online Auction site to Your website
Use of your name, logo, and email address and web address on the DAN Auction Page with your donated item(s)
Your company name on the Auction Partner Page on DAN's website
Your company name in Alert Diver as a DAN Auction Partner
Auction Partner Emblem for your use in Partner advertising
Receipt at close of auction for item(s) received for the auction. (Note: IRS regulations prohibit DAN from listing the dollar value on your receipt.)*
Name and contact information of winning bidder to Partner.

*Note: The cumulative retail dollar value of the item(s) donated will be applied to identify you as a DAN Corporate Donor for 2006-2007 and will determine your level of recognition. Special Offer for Auction Partners: cumulative item value for Auction Items at $150 or more provides a 12-month hotlink from DAN to your site (normally $1,500 benefit.)


Equipment, cameras, trips, tickets, clothing, etc. – new items with full warranty only*
Full description of item(s) (to appear online) (DAN may edit copy)
Suggested retail price
Your logo (TIF, JPG, or EPS), email address, and Internet address for inclusion on the auction page
Once you receive the final bidder name, contact and deliver item(s). We ask that delivery of item(s) be through your local distributor if at all possible.
We ask that you use the Corporate Partner Online Auction Emblem on your website with a direct link to the auction site and in your advertising to help spread the word of this auction and your participation.

Join Divers Alert Network in its mission of emergency service, research, education, training and outreach for dive safety by becoming an Auction Corporate Partner.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

PSI/PCI Eddy Current Technician Course - October 21, 2006

October 8, 2006

Worldwide Training in High Pressure Cylinder Safety and Eddy Current Testing


Thank you for your interest in the upcoming PSI/PCI Eddy Current Technician training.

The next course in your area will be held Saturday, October 21, 2006, at Washougal, WA and starts promptly at 10:00 am. Directions to the training site at

ECT - Eddy Current Service Technician - Eddy Current testing is a powerful addition to visual cylinder inspection however many in the industry continue to use such devices on the wrong cylinders or fail to operate the equipment properly. This 3 to 4 hour course provides Visual Cylinder Inspectors with the added training to know when and how to conduct a proper Eddy Current Tests of SCUBA and SCBA cylinders in addition to hands on experience with Eddy Current devices. Attendants are required to be certified by PSI/PCI as Visual Cylinder Inspectors and participants receive certification as Eddy Current Service Technician upon course completion.

This certification course teaches the basics of conducting the eddy current testing of 6351 aluminum alloy cylinders as required by the US DOT. The course is suited for those new to eddy current testing and to those who need to be certified to conduct the tests as required by the US DOT as of January 1, 2007.

Topics of discussion are valuable for those who have been inspecting without formal training through its wide range of inspection subjects including damage limits, neck cracking, and laws affecting inspectors.

Previously certified inspectors may attend this full course or the Refresher Course for re-qualification. The course is open to anyone and no previous eddy current experience is required.

The course tuition is $250.00 and includes a course curriculum workbook; supplemental materials and certification are also included in the course tuition.

If you have any other questions before the class is scheduled feel free to contact me directly.

Thanks again for you interest in our training program.


Phil Graf
PSI/PCI Instructor # 130
PSI/PCI Eddy Current Technician Instructor # 29

For more information about Visual Cylinder Training and Eddy Current Technician, both SCBA and SCUBA, contact

Link at

Link at