Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ice Diving McCall Idaho, February 6 - 8, 2009, Payette Lake

Omni Divers - Ice Diving, February 2009

Cascade Lake, Cascade, ID
Payette Lake, McCall, ID

February 6 - 8, 2009

Advanced Open Water Certification or evidence of deep, navigation, and night dives

Class - $295
Text - $35
Certification fees - $25

More Specific Detailed Information on Ice Diving 2009

Ice Diving: We have now established a date and will start in earnest for the preparations for the ice dives. We will soon make room reservations McCall, Idaho.

We will do a presentation in McCall on Friday evening at 6 pm at the new McCall Fire Station, McCall Idaho.

We still will need to get organized earlier than Friday night in order to see what everybody is going to bring as their share of shovels, tents, tarps, ropes, ice harnesses, cross cut saw, gas for the snow blower, the snow blower, blower oil, carabiners, dry clothing bags, several extra pairs of gloves, waterproof boots, dry socks, etc.

We will need to think of special safety measures overnight so no one falls in the hole, i.e. flagging, poles, etc.

About the only gear we don't have for ice diving is the tent, we can try to get the same tent we used last year from one of the ice divers or we can fabricate one from blue tarps and pvc pipe.

We have been getting interest statements and now we are getting deposits to verify how much really serious interest we have in ice diving in April 2008 in Idaho.

Please email if you are interested or want additional information.