Saturday, December 30, 2006

Safety Recall Alert - AGA (Interspiro) full face mask

Interspiro Valve Cone Assembly, number 336-190-064 and 336-890-129 (hereafter called valve cone) is being recalled. You must remove and replace the valve cone immediately.

DO NOT DIVE the mask if you are not certain what is in your full face mask.

The recall pertains to AGA full face masks (FFM) with serial numbers from 227000 through 306999 or if your mask was shipped in July of 2002.

The serial # is engraved on the regulator body.

A quick way to determine if your at risk. Remove the intake hose from the mask (2nd stage) - it is "not" necessary to disassemble the regulator for this - look down into the intake. You will see a center cone that is black. If you can see a blue outside ring, this regulator is ok. If you can see only black "DO NOT DIVE THE MASK" until you can determine if it's part of the recall.

Regulator repair work should only be done by an Interspiro regulator technician. Do NOT work on your own mask.

More details to follow: Safety Recall Alert - AGA (Interspiro) full face mask.

Please email if you need additional help with this recall.

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