Sunday, September 26, 2010

ERDI Surface Supplied Diving OPS Level I Training

ERDI Surface Supplied Diving OPS Level I Training - Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) OPS Courses held in Portland, Oregon.

Dates: September 20 - 24, 2010

Course Outline:
Course Overview
Course Objective
Course Prerequisites
Equipment Needed
Required Training Dives
Course Content
Air Diving
Operation of the Console

Minimum Course Hours
Class Room
Open Water Dives/Exercises/Scenarios
Dive Debriefing

ERDI Log Books filled out and signed by the instructor

This course was five long days. The morning on the first day. We started with all of the paperwork. The we when go through the materials and a the dry hands-on session using Kirby Morgan (KMDSI) 37's. Next we dove in confined water.

Then the next day we headed to an known open water site where all the team members are familiar with and got suited and jumped in. Each diver made a dive, then tended and then used the dive control system (console). The team members coontinued on a rotating basis. (If you have non-divers we take them though everything except the confined water and in water activities.) I do have them try on the helmets to get the idea of what their divers go through.

Then on the following day we go to the "yukky water" and each diver made a dive, then tended and then operated the console.

Depending on equipment and numbers of students, we were able to complete our mission and mostly got done late afternoon on that day, in time to travel.

This course continued all day with more dives at two different locations.

Costs are for the text, materials, certification fees, Multnomah County Sheriff Office Dive Rescue Team equipment.

If you are thinking of having your department take the training, I do utilize group rates depending on the number of students.

The course was held in Portland, OR, as that was where the equipment was located.

Please email if you are interested or want additional information on costs and specific times associated with this or any other possible training at our location or yours.

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