Monday, May 02, 2011

DAN Announces New Standards for Becoming a DAN Instructor Trainer

DAN Announces New Standards for Becoming a DAN Instructor Trainer

Over the years, we’ve had to tell many good instructor trainers that they couldn’t be DAN Trainers because they lacked a scuba instructor trainer rating. Many of these people have had years of teaching instructor level classes in other programs but simply weren’t interested in becoming scuba diving course directors, instructor qualifiers or instructor trainers.

While experience in diving is certainly one part of being a DAN Instructor Trainer, enthusiasm, love of teaching and experience in other venues are often just as important. With that in mind, DAN Education has opened the opportunity to become a DAN Instructor Trainer to a wider net of skilled and experienced teachers.

The prerequisites to attend the DAN Instructor Trainer Workshop (ITW) now include the following qualifications. Attendees must be:

• an active scuba instructor trainer with a recognized training agency, or

• an active PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) Staff Instructor or SS DiveCon Instructor and with DAN Diving Emergency Specialist (DES) Instructor recognition, or

• an instructor trainer with a recognized CPR/first aid organization and with DAN DES Instructor recognition

By requiring new DAN Instructor Trainers who aren’t diving instructor trainers to hold the DES Instructor rating, these new trainers will have a useful combination of instructor-trainer-level experience along with dive leader credentials and experience teaching DAN classes.

Please email if you are interested or want additional information.

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