Friday, June 22, 2012

SDI High Altitude Diving - Lake Tahoe

Hosted on: June 10, 2012, High Altitude Instructor and Diver Specialty Courses, Sand Hollow State Park, Lake Tahoe, NV

High Altitude Instructor and Diver Specialty Courses, Sand Hollow State Park, Lake Tahoe, NV

The purpose of this course is to acqnuaint a diver with the necessary procedures and knowledge to safely dive at altitudes above sea level.

Open Water Execution
1. Two dives are required with complete briefs and debriefs by the instructor
2. Dive plans must include surface interval, maximum no-decompression time, etc. to be figured out and logged

Outline and Discussion Points
1. Why we do this Type of Diving?
2. Dive Tables as They Relate to Altitude Diving
    a. DCIEM Tables
    b. Bühlmann Tables
    c. Cross Corrections to United States Navy (USN) Tables
3. Computers
    a. Computer’s capability and usage
4. Calculations Based on Cross Corrections to USN Tables
    a. Usage
        i. Actual depth of dive
        ii. Altitude of dive site
        iii. Ascent rate is adjusted
    b. Examples of problems
    c. Last dive and travel at higher altitudes
5. Correction of Depth Gauges and Computers
    a. Gauges designed for 1 atmosphere (ATM)
    b. Capillary depth gauge will reflect the actual depth
    c. If there is any doubt use measured down line
6. Hypoxia During Altitude Diving
7. Levels of Altitude:
    a. 300 metres / 1000 feet
    b. 1200 meters / 4000 feet, etc

For assistance preparing and scheduling training for your Team or individual divers and instructors, please contact SDI or Omni Divers Underwater Services, L.L.C. directly. or call 207.729.4201

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