Saturday, October 28, 2006

Kirby Morgan - Technician Training - December 9 - 10, 2007

The weekend of December 9-10, 2007, is the two full day Kirby Morgan regulator servicing and technician course. John Ritter is putting together a special class for us in order to allow us to be certified on as many of the KM line as possible. In other words between us we have the following equipment available and we will be certified on all of it. A bit of a push in two days but seems the best solution really.

SuperLite - 27
Bail-Out Block
Dive Control System (DCS) - I
Dive Control System - II

The DCS is largely a lot of plumbing, but it's important to understand how to disassemble and check out the fittings. The pneumofathometer and pressure gages must be sent out to a different certified agency for calibration (specialized equipment) - but we will have the skills to remove and re-fit the gages.

If anyone has trouble with close up detail work (eyes) then you should obtain some close up glasses prior to the class - I found this helps when I was in the Interspiro/AGA class last year. The off the shelf ones should work fine.

This is part lecture, but mostly hands-on factory certified technician course. The main purpose is to train technicians to work on this equipment.

Class starts at 08:30 Saturday morning and runs all day. Same for Sunday. I don't know exactly what time the class ends on Sunday, but I understand its most of the day (but I don't think it runs late).

SeaTac Airport is a good 45 minutes from downtown Seattle and that is on a "good" traffic day.

We just need to know arrival/departure data so that we can arrange to pick you up. I am driving the truck so plenty of room for lots of equipment and up to 5 people.

David Parsons
Clark County (WA) Dive Rescue Team

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