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SAR Conference - September 11 - 13, 2008 - Portland Oregon

Rob W wrote:

Hey folks-

I am working on the "water" portion of a SAR conference in Oregon for 2008. I need to ask you fine folks for some help with 2 things. Did anyone attend the Hybrid car presentation at IADRS, and what is your feedback?

Secondly, I want to get an MD or like to come talk about general dive fitness, and medical complications with divers up to and including DCS, recognition and prehospital care. DAN has not returned my emails...yet. I contacted Virgina Mason hospital in Washington but one there can commit. The local doc's at the Portland chamber aren't interested. Anyone have any leads/contacts?


We are planning a 3 SAR day conference Sep 11-13 in Portland. I have been tasked with the "water" portion. I hope you can make it. It will have several "tracks" so at any given hour you have a few options to choose from.

It has been a challenge to create this track and keep the appeal for all that work around water. I want to appeal to SAR coordinators, divers, SRTS, EMT's, and boat handlers.

Here is a tentative line up for the water track. I have the ME doing his thing you saw at the dive conference, a guy coming to talk about hybrid cars in water, a guy on diver health (DCS etc), a white water expert with case reviews (risk/benefit) , Redman trainer coming in to do full day of in water exercises dealing with panic/hostile victims in water, waterborne ICS management class, and managing risk in waterborne training (Damen Rusk)

What are your thought/ input? I hope the Marine Board steps up and sends some folks.

doug strain wr

Hey Rob, get a hold of Klamath County. There dive captain is a DAN trainer and works in the medical field.

Doug Strain

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