Wednesday, October 03, 2007

YMCA Scuba Instructor Institute

YMCA Scuba Instructor Institute
YMCA Scuba Diving Instructor Crossover Institute

Course Details and Costs as of 10/01/07


Books and Materials: $300 which includes shipping to your address from three different sources. This fee is due upon sign up. It can be made by check or deposited into a US Bank account in your area. If this option is used, an account number will be made available.

YMCA Instructor Trainer (IT) Fees: Deposited prior to first class. Email for current fees.

YMCA Scuba Agency Fees: $225 payable to YMCA at successful completion of the course.

You provide:

Pool: Suitable YMCA or equivalent pool (6-foot minimum depth, fees, etc. (for both student and IT)) for pool sessions on both days (2 – 3 hour minimum each day). Times need not be the same.

Equipment: Standard Leadership Diving Equipment for pool only use. List is provided in the Materials listed above. (We will not be going to the open water unless the IT deems it necessary, and this will be an extra expense and time for the IT and student(s)).

Cylinders: One for the IT and one for you filled with at least 2250 psi of air.

Time: Expect that we would meet around 8 am the first day and go until 5 pm the first day depending on the number of candidates and just how active the discussion is and then at 9 am and go until 4 pm the second day, if all goes well and the candidates produce acceptable results.

Be expected to Complete:
Swim Test: Be prepared to take the swim test as outlined in the materials on the first day of the class.

Take Home Exam: Complete the exam prior to class, provided in the materials, and we will discuss during class.

Paper Work Requirements:

Provide the YMCA Instructor Trainer with copies of the following:
Your $1,000,000 (minimum) scuba diving instructional liability insurance
(prior to certification by YMCA, a binder will need to be provided to the YMCA showing the YMCA as an additional insured)
current medical history form completed by a physician
instructor ratings and specialty ratings (cards)
current CPR card
current First Aid card
current oxygen administration certification.


Please check for a list of all of them.

Thank you for your interest in the YSCUBA program.

Phillip E. Graf
YMCA Scuba Diving Instructor Trainer

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