Sunday, July 04, 2010


The Dive Tenders is the most valuable component in a Public Safety Dive team and ERDI launched brand-new student materials today for this essential Public Safety Diver function.

In keeping with market feedback, Emergency Response Diving International, have released its new Tender Operations Student Manual: a complete guide to tender operations in the Public Safety Diving role, as a 152-page printed perfect bound manual simultaneously with an onLine version.

In the PSD sector, Dive Tenders are required to have a broad understanding and working knowledge of every aspect of the team’s design, capabilities and equipment selection. The tender must also have experience and understanding of all dive management strategies or the team and dive operations may suffer.

Tender training is a must and these new materials from the leader in PSD education and support globally, has made it accessible to all.

Suggest retail on the new 152-page student textbook is USD 55.00
onLine Course cost: USD 95.00 YOU CAN SIGN UP NOW>>>

For more information: contact your local ERDI representative or call 1-888-778-9073 and speak to one of our customer service representatives.

ERDI News Hot off the Press!

The product development team have earned their long weeked because they have just delivered the NEW ERDI Tender Operations Manual to Headquarters. This 152-page student manual is ready to ship.

Suggested Retail: $55

Please email if you are interested or want additional information.

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