Wednesday, July 07, 2010

PSI Cylinders begins taking reservations for critical Cylinder Inspection programs

It’s NOT too early to plan for DEMA 2010

PSI news

Released on: 7/6/2010

Professional Scuba Inspectors (PSI) will have a major presence at the DEMA Trade Show in Las Vegas this Fall. To help dive professionals make sure they are scheduled into the training programs of their choice, PSI has opened online reservations.

According to PSI management, “These courses fill up very quickly and we want to make sure and take care of all the requests and add more programs if there is a demand.”

During the DEMA Show, PSI will be providing training in visual inspection for high pressure cylinders, along with the accompanying specialty courses including Valve Repair Technician, Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician and Eddy Current Technician. For currently trained PSI/PCI Inspectors, within their federally mandated 3 year training window, the company will offer the annual PSI/PCI Update to meet the requirements for their recurrent training.

TO SIGN UP, Check out the PSI/PCI website.

Professional Scuba Inspectors is still the only recognized training for visual cylinder inspection. PSI is recognized by DOT, OSHA, CGA and the cylinder manufacturers. The company continues to provide training to NASA, the Military, Fire Departments, Police Department, Dive shops, Hydro facilities and many others.

For additional details, visit the website at

Attention PSI/PCI Inspectors

In accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 172.704(c) (ii) (2-4) recurrent training must be completed at least once every three years to be in compliance for Hazmat handling.

PSI/PCI Visual Inspection Training complies with this regulation by issuing training certificates valid for only three years, therefore you as a PSI/PCI trained inspector must comply by receiving recurrent training once every three years. Within 3 years we offer the Update program to keep you current. Outside the three year window, the Refresh of the PSI/PCI Visual Cylinder Inspection program is necessary.

In order to purchase and use PSI Evidence of Inspection (EOI) stickers you must have current training (within the last 3 years).

Please email if you are interested or want additional information.

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