Thursday, November 23, 2006

DAN Takes Another Giant Stride in the New Year

Next edition of popular annual DAN publication due in early 2007. Limited advertising opportunities still available.

Divers Alert Network (DAN) will launch a new edition of Giant Stride, the organization’s publication aimed at prospective, student, and new divers, in early 2007. Redesigned to be part of “DAN Is My Buddy,” a revitalized Student Member Program spotlighted at DEMA earlier this month, Giant Stride introduces new divers to the sport through information, stories, and safety tips.

Each student enrolled in DAN’s Student Membership Program will receive a complimentary copy of Giant Stride. The publication is also available for distribution to all dive centers and instructors at no cost.

“The reaction to the first edition of Giant Stride so far exceeded our expectations that we wanted to include it as part of the retooled Student Membership Program,” says Jim Gaston, the team leader of “DAN Is My Buddy” and manager of the Student Membership Program. “I think its value lies in the fact that Giant Stride is a resource for both instructors and students. We’re excited to introduce its redesign as part of DAN Is My Buddy.”

The magazine covers such topics as an introduction to scuba, what to expect during training, resources at a diver’s disposal, dive safety and etiquette, profiles on divers who have made the sport their careers or hobbies and common medical issues of interest to new divers.

Giant Stride is scheduled to be published once a year and is distributed throughout the dive industry. Advertising opportunities are available through Nov. 30; should you wish to place an ad, contact Julie Clarke or Brittny Davis at (919) 684-2948.

Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit medical and research organization dedicated to the safety and health of recreational scuba divers. DAN’s Student Membership Program is a free program offered to all entry-level divers and includes $20,000 of recompression treatment insurance in the unlikely event a student develops decompression illness during the course of their training.

The Student Membership Program is open to all entry-level divers, and any certified scuba instructor in the DAN Americas region may enroll their students. A new DAN Is My Buddy DVD is available to all instructors for use in their classes; new divers can take home a student version of the DVD. A new interactive website,, was created to answer questions and concerns commonly expressed by new divers and to provide excitement and information when a new diver wants it most.

For more information or to request materials, please call (919) 684-2948.

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