Thursday, November 23, 2006

Free DAN Online Seminar Discusses Diabetes and Diving

For years, divers have been diving with diabetes – safely – even though it was considered a contraindication to diving. In May of 2005 the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) and DAN jointly sponsored a workshop on the topic. Co-organizers of the workshop were Guy deL Dear, MB, FRCA; Neal W. Pollock, PhD; and Donna M. Uguccioni, MS.

As dive leaders, and divers interested in diving safety, you are probably interested to learn about the outcome of that workshop. Now you can by viewing the newest DAN Online Seminar called Diabetes and Recreational Diving: History and New Guidelines. It includes useful background information and a summary of the consensus guidelines developed through the workshop. It is based on a presentation written by Neal W. Pollock, Ph.D. He is a research physiologist at the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Medicine, Duke University Medical Center and a member of the Research Department at DAN.

This is the fourth DAN Online Seminar on diving medicine topics. The first three programs were:

Ears and Diving Seminar by Dr. Frans Cronje president of DAN Southern Africa

Pathophysiology of Decompression Illness by Dr. Richard Moon, Senior Medical Consultant to DAN

Inert Gas Exchange, Bubbles, and Decompression Theory by Dr. Richard Vann, Vice President of Research at DAN

The other three online seminars cost $25 to view. Participants also receive a certificate directly from DAN for successfully completing one of the fee-based seminars.

Thank you for your support of DAN and dive safety. Please do not hesitate to send us any questions or comments.

Safe diving,

Eric Douglas
Director of Training
Divers Alert Network

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