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DAN Training and Education

DAN Training and Education
DAN Examiner Program

Historically only DAN Staff has been able to conduct DAN Instructor Trainer Workshops, but in an effort to meet the growing demand for ITWs, DAN has developed the Examiner program.

DAN Examiners will provide a vital link to DAN Training and have additional responsibilities above that of an Instructor Trainer. Some of those additional responsibilities include:

Conduct ITWs
Conduct Trainer Updates
Beta test new DAN courses
Be part of a pool of speakers for the “This is DAN” presentation

Applicants to the DAN Examiner program must complete all eligibility requirements prior to consideration to attend the course.

Course Director or Instructor Trainer with recognized scuba training organization
DAN Diving Emergency Specialist Trainer recognition
CPR Instructor Trainer with recognized organization
No verifiable quality assurance issues as a DAN Trainer or Instructor within the previous two years
Completed the required DAN Trainer Update 2006
Completed Core Online (Must have completed after last revision in November 2005)

Examiner Course Fee
The fee is $295 and includes the course and all materials.

Selection Criteria
DAN Training will evaluate applicants on a number of criteria in addition to the application itself.

DAN Business Member affiliations
DAN Training Center affiliations
Length of time as a DAN Instructor
Length of time as DAN Instructor Trainer
Number of providers certified
Number of instructors certified
Previous participation in DAN Training Updates
Marketing Plan
Overall presence and understanding of DAN, DAN Mission and DAN Training
Other support of DAN, such as but not limited to:
Attendance of a DAN DMT course
Referral or On Call physician
Hosted DAN Research Intern
Attend or staff DAN Diver Days
Participation in Online Seminars (such as Ears and Diving)
Participation in DAN Research Studies

Annual Teaching Requirements
DAN Examiners will be expected to maintain an active role and will have annual requirements which must be met to retain current status as a DAN Examiner. Examiners will need to teach five new DAN Instructor Trainers each year or teach 20 individual ITW Modules. An example of an ITW Module would be a DAN Instructor Trainer taking additional courses. Advanced Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries and On-Site Neurological Assessment for Divers would be two ITW Modules. Finally, Examiners will need to participate in regularly scheduled online chat sessions facilitated by DAN Training.

Examiner Course Syllabus
The Examiner Course will consist of three and a half days and be conducted before and during an Instructor Trainer Workshop.

Day One — Examiner Course
History of DAN—This is DAN discussion
Recent changes to any DAN Training standards
Paperwork and Materials including a discussion of different administrative issues
How to order ITW materials
Political Sensitivities
Role-model teaching presentations and evaluations
How to conduct the ITW
Day Two, Three and Four — Audit and participate in Instructor Trainer Workshop conducted by DAN Training Staff

Download Examiner Course Application (PDF: 90 KB) on the DAN website

For additional information, please contact DAN Training at 919-684-2948 or 1-800-446-2671 x555. You may also contact us by email at

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