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Become an Instructor. Do you want to teach emergency care training?

Do you want to teach emergency care training?

Already a CPR/first aid instructor? Learn how to easily cross over to MEDIC FIRST AID by selecting the link at the bottom of this page.

For those new to emergency care training, the three-step instructor certification process outlined below will get you started. If you are a current health care provider, such as an EMT, First Responder, or if you have CPR/first aid training, you can skip Step One.

Step One
Attend and successfully complete student-level training for the programs you wish to teach. This will provide you with an understanding of the course content and the physical skills necessary to be able to perform effective emergency care. If you currently possess these skills, you've already completed Step One!

Step Two
Familiarize yourself in the comfort of your home with our instructor self-study system. This process explains the nuts and bolts of the MEDIC FIRST AID instructional design and basic class administration. Condensing this traditional classroom-based information into a self-paced resource reduces time spent in the classroom.

Step Three
This session is designed to help new Instructors become skilled in presenting the instructional elements found in MEDIC FIRST AID Training Programs, including Real-time Demonstrations, Small Group Practices, Talk-through Scenarios, and Performance Evaluations.

Once an Instructor, you'll be eligible to purchase student materials and teach certified MEDIC FIRST AID Training Programs!

Cross over to MEDIC FIRST AID

Learn more about MEDIC FIRST AID Instructor levels

Please email if you are interested or want additional information.

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