Friday, April 20, 2007

DAN News - Giant Stride Magazine: It's Online!

DAN News
Giant Stride Magazine: It's Online!

Know someone who's learning to dive? Or perhaps you have a friend whose considering it, a potential new buddy. Want to help that new diver make the most of diving?

If you think introducing someone to the world of diving is a life-changing experience, wait until you show them DAN’s latest publication.

Designed for the new or prospective student, Giant Stride debunks common scuba myths, offers friendly advice and explanations on topics such as travel, physiology and critters, and welcomes all interested parties to the world of scuba.

Plus, it's gratis, on the house. See it with just one keystroke – click here and go to "current issue" on the upper left.

Or get your copy in print. Either way, you'll be sharing the excitement of scuba diving with a friend. What better way to be a buddy?

Giant Stride is a free publication for new divers as part of the DAN Student Membership Program. This program helps promote dive safety, and instructors can earn points toward valuable DAN products, including oxygen units.

Question? Email, call 1-877-532-6776 toll-free or +1-919 684-2948 x 636 or fax +1-919-490-6630.

Please email if you are interested or want additional information.

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