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DAN / PADI Alliance: Questions & Answers

DAN / PADI Alliance: Questions & Answers

Q&A About the DAN/PADI Alliance

1. Why have PADI and DAN decided to collaborate?

PADI and DAN have enjoyed longstanding support and a mutual respect of each other�s contributions to improving diving safety.

Both are industry leaders and experts in their respective fields; PADI excels in training and education, and DAN provides expertise in emergency assistance, insurance, medicine, research and dive safety training. Combining the complementary strengths of the organizations allows each to focus on what they do best, while working together improve the dive industry as a whole.

Each organization provides excellence in different aspects of diving and both are committed to dive safety; it is a natural alliance and an unprecedented example of how two industry organizations can work together for the greater good.

2. How does this alliance benefit divers?

Between DAN and PADI, divers have access to every level of dive training from entry- through professional-level, a comprehensive dive accident insurance program, dive safety training, information and safety resources, and 24-hour emergency assistance.

3. Does this alliance mean that DAN is working exclusively with PADI?

No. DAN exists to benefit all divers: every resource that DAN provides, such as the 24-Hour Diving Emergency Hotline, the Diving Medical Information Line, training programs, research and access to dive accident insurance remains open to all divers. DAN�s collaboration with PADI simply provides the nonprofit organization with an incredible opportunity to ensure divers know that DAN and these services are available to them.

Q&A About the Insurance Programs

1. Why is PADI now endorsing DAN's Dive Accident Insurance program?

Safety is a recurring message throughout all levels of PADI training. Whether discussing it in terms of problem prevention or resolution, PADI dedicates a great deal of time and attention to providing information and methods for divers to protect themselves from harm. PADI recognizes how many resources DAN contributes to this same goal, and so in endorsing DAN and DAN�s dive accident insurance program, PADI is providing its divers a very simple and comprehensive solution to a complex and multifaceted issue.

2. When will the change from Vicencia & Buckley to DAN insurance go into effect?

DAN will become the official dive accident insurance carrier for PADI effective January 1, 2007. However, all policies currently in effect will remain active and fully supported until their natural expiration dates. Provided that policyholders renew with DAN prior to expiration, there will be no lapse in coverage.

3. Who is affected by this change?

Any diver currently carrying Vicencia & Buckley Diver Protection Insurance will be affected by this change. As the policies come up for renewal throughout 2007, all policyholders will be sent an invitation to join DAN. Should they choose not to do so, they will need to find an alternative dive accident insurance carrier.

4. How can existing Vicencia & Buckley policyholders renew their policy with DAN?

Vicencia & Buckley policyholders will receive a notice of the discontinuation of insurance and an invitation to renew their coverage with DAN prior to the expiration of their current policies. The policyholder need only follow the renewal instructions and remit payment. As long as the renewal is completed and returned in a timely manner, there will be no lapse in coverage.

5. Why is DAN Membership required in order to purchase dive accident insurance?

The opportunity to purchase dive accident insurance is a membership benefit; therefore, membership is required to carry DAN insurance. In addition, membership in DAN offers a host of other benefits outside of insurance coverage, including DAN TravelAssist and a subscription to Alert Diver magazine. Above all, all DAN members benefit from the contribution they make, as membership dues help support a nonprofit organization dedicated to making diving safer for everyone.

6. It is my understanding that DAN America does not offer professional liability insurance. Is Vicencia & Buckley going to continue offering this type of coverage?

Absolutely. Professional-level divers carrying liability insurance through Vicencia & Buckley are not affected by this change. PADI-sponsored professional liability insurance is and will continue to be offered through Vicencia & Buckley.

7. My current policy does not expire until November 2007. Will V&B still cover me until then, or do I need to purchase a policy from someone else?

The transfer of coverage from Vicencia & Buckley to DAN will not take place until the renewal of any given policy. Vicencia & Buckley will continue to provide coverage and service until the policy is renewed with DAN or expires, whichever comes first. Upon the policy renewal, DAN will become the insurance provider.

Q&A For PADI Professional Members

1. Why is PADI choosing to support DAN's Student Membership Program?

From the first day of a student's training, PADI stresses the importance of safety. PADI recognizes the value in the services DAN provides, and supports the use of DAN�s Student Membership Program as a means of ensuring that new divers are protected and instructors have a valuable risk management tool.

2. How does DAN's Student Membership Program protect divers and their instructors?

DAN's Student Membership Program offers entry-level divers in the DAN Americas region with limited insurance coverage for the duration of their entry-level training. It provides up to $20,000 of recompression treatment insurance at no cost to the diver or the instructors who teach them. It provides instructors with a risk-management tool in the unlikely event that a student is injured in the course of their training. The program is about protecting new divers and providing peace of mind to students and instructors alike.

3. Who is eligible to enroll in DAN�s Student Membership Program?

DAN's Student Membership Program is open to any entry-level diver and any certified instructor teaching in the DAN Americas region. Students under the age of 18 need consent from a parent or guardian to enroll. Instructors do not have to be DAN Instructors, although they will need to register with DAN in order to use the program.

4. How much does this program cost for students and their instructors

The program is free to entry-level students and certified instructors. There is no cost to use the program, and neither students nor instructors who use the program are under any obligation to join DAN as a full member. Materials related to the program are also provided for instructors and students at no charge.

5. What incentives are available to instructors for signing up their students?

In addition to providing peace of mind for the student, DAN's Student Membership Program significantly increases the level of risk management on the part of the individual instructor at absolutely no cost. Also, instructors can earn points for students enrolled in the program and for Student Members who go on to become full DAN members; these points can be redeemed for DAN products, specific PADI training materials or DAN membership dues.

6. Where do I get more information on DAN�s' Student Membership Program?

We encourage you to visit for information and instruction on the DAN Student Membership Program.

Q&A About the Chamber Assistance Program

1. Why is PADI joining forces with DAN�s Recompression Chamber Assistance Program?

PADI understands the importance of ensuring the proper care and treatment of injured divers, and has provided financial assistance in the past through its own chamber assistance program; because of this, they recognize the value of the additional hands-on support DAN brings through its Recompression Chamber Assistance Program (RCAP). As with the other beneficial elements of the PADI / DAN alliance, the pooling of resources will provide a greater source of chamber support and a stronger network of emergency facilities to assist divers in need.

Q&A Additional Information

1. Who should I contact for more information regarding the alliance?

For questions regarding PADI, please contact:
Theresa Gulledge +1-949-858-7234 ext. 2322 or

For questions regarding DAN, please contact:
Christine McTaggart +1-919-684-2948 or

Please email if you are interested or want additional information.

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