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DAN Hosts 2008 Technical Diving Conference

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DAN Hosts 2008 Technical Diving Conference

Technical diving is the frontier of scuba diving. While it is high-profile and trend-setting, it has its risks. Distinguishing between real and imagined risks and identifying appropriate alternatives are crucial for technical divers.

DAN will address these tasks in its 2008 Technical Diving Conference The two-day conference, planned for Jan. 18-19, 2008, in Durham, N.C., will feature four half-day workshops. Discussions will include the operational and medical aspects of technical diving. The forum will also address ways to improve effectiveness and safety.

Preliminary Workshop Topics
Physiology Workshop

Oxygen toxicity
High Pressure Nervous Syndrome (HPNS)
Thermal Issues
Decompression Workshop

Dive outcomes:
DCI cases and safe dive profiles
Decompression models
Deep stops
First aid oxygen
In-water recompression
Portable chambers
Rebreather Workshop

Equipment design and manufacturer
Unmanned and manned testing
Human factors
Operational use
New technologies
Training workshop

Physical/medical qualification
Initial training
Training sequences
Open and closed circuit
Fatality investigation
Preliminary Agenda
Half-day workshops

Evening Programs
Group dinner and discussion of daily workshops

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