Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rebreather Monitoring Package

New Product Alert!
Attention Rebreather Divers!!

Delta P Technology LTD is preparing to release the 'Rebreather Monitoring Package', seen at DEMA. This monitoring system, designed to work with almost any rebreather on the market, will provide PO2 monitoring, cylinder pressure monitoring of O2 and diluent gasses and decompression ceiling monitoring, all integrated through a control unit to your VR3 and a Heads Up Display (HUD).

This system will provide accurate and reliable monitoring of the divers' gas and decompression situation in the water. We have been told to expect a retail price in the $1350 - $1400 range, which is sure to make this a HOT product for Rebreather divers, especially those already using a VR3.

EMAIL ME WITH YOUR PRE-ORDERS so I can get you in line for one of these as soon as they hit the states.

Please email if you are interested or want additional information associated with this new product.

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