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PSDiver Monthly Issue 34

PSDiver Monthly Issue 34

PSDiver Monthly Issue 34 Is Now Available - ALWAYS FREE
January 8, 2006

Issue 34 of PSDiver Monthly is now available for download

IN THIS ISSUE - PSDiver Monthly Issue 34
National Search and Rescue Conference Announcement
PSD News and Articles
MISSION REPORTS - Swift Water Dive Recovery
Coach - "Thanks for the Mammories"
Continuing Education and MORE!

The Public Safety Diving Association has now recognized the PSDM CE Program as eligible for inclusion in their annual renewal CE requirements!. Contact your PSDA Instructor or PSDA for details.

MISSION REPORTS: We are still working on building the Mission Reports feature and need your stories. We are not asking for essays - just a page or so relating a memorable dive call you might have made.

If you LIKE what we do - help us spread the word and FORWARD this to other team members, and departments!

Forward this - Help Us Spread The News!

Our Sponsors Include:
Rescue ONE Connector Boats
Dive Lights International
Harri's Acoustic Products
Emer gency First Response
Submerssible Systems
Scuba4Less Online
Ocean Management Systems
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Swat Headsets
Trelleborg Viking
Techical Rescue Magazine
Ocean Technology Systems
Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd
UTC SPORTS - Rapid Deployment Emergency System

About PSDiver Monthly
PSDiver Monthly was created as a way to help improve awareness, education and safety for Public Safety Dive Teams and Water Rescue and Recovery Teams. PSDiver Monthly subscriptions are FREE.

PSDiver Monthly is an Internet E-zine specifically designed for Public Safety Divers and Water Rescue Technicians. News articles and information from around the world as well as independent articles, special features, safety notices and continuing education will be shared in each issue.

Corporations who believe in the work that Public Safety Divers and Water Rescue and Recover Teams perform and who wish to show their support sponsor this e-zine. This is and will be the place to get the most current news affecting the Public Safety Diving and Water Rescue community as well as the most current equipment and ocassionally, special pricing from our sponsors.

Fire Department Dive Teams, EMS Dive Teams, Police Divers, SAR divers and Flood and Swift Water rescue teams should all benefit from this publication.

PSDiver Monthly Website:

FREE Internet Discussion Group for Public Safety Divers and Water Rescue and Recovery Teams

We also offer a free RELATED Discussion Group for Public Safety Divers and Water Rescue and Recovery Teams.

Founded on Dec 9, 2000, this MODERATED discussion group has over 1,200 members worldwide, and provides an incredible FREE resource for your team and team members! Being MODERATED, there is NO SPAM generated by joining!


Mark Phillips
Editor / Publisher

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