Monday, January 01, 2007

Diabetes and Recreational Diving: History and New Guidelines

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Diabetes and Recreational Diving: History and New Guidelines

Recognizing that a substantial number of divers diving successfully with diabetes - either openly or surreptitiously - led many in the diving medicine community to believe that was time to acknowledge this fact and reexamine the position that diabetes was a contraindication to diving. In May of 2005 the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) and DAN jointly sponsored a Diving and Diabetes workshop.

This presentation includes the new guidelines for diving with diabetes as recommended by that panel. It is based on a presentation written by Neal W. Pollock, Ph.D. He is a research physiologist at the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Medicine, Duke University Medical Center and a member of the Research Department at DAN.

This presentation is free to the general public and is based on research paid for by DAN Membership. It should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

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